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Armadale Kelmscott Nuclear Medicine is a new independently owned nuclear medicine and bone densitometry practice that is focused on delivering outstanding patient care and service to referrers. We will open on the 15th December 2008 and look forward to your visit.

Our practice offers patients low gap fees and bulk bills to pensioners, health care card holders, children, students as well as for everyone in financial hardship.


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Thyroid Scan

Thyroid scans are useful in assessing patients for causes of hyperthyroidism as well as in investigating thyroid nodules Learn more...

Bone Scans

Bone scans are used to diagnose occult fracture and investigate joint soft tissue and spinal pathology such as arthritis, metastatic spread, fractures, infection, metabolic disease and sports injuries. Learn more...

Renal Imaging

Renal scans are useful in diagnosing renal artery stenosis in patients with poorly controlled hypertension or newly diagnosed hypertension. Learn more...

Lung Scans

Lung scans are useful in detecting pulmonary embolism and assessing ventilation and perfusion.
Learn more...
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